Introducing Hitacea—An Integrated All-round Health Platform

“To create a new business that makes money, and more significantly, employs others, and more significantly, gives a product to a customer that improves their life, is our greatest challenge, our greatest opportunity, and the greatest gift, far greater than any charity that we can give our fellow person.”

–Paul Zane Pilzer, Author of ‘the Next Millionaire’

“The person who would accomplish more than me will come from healthcare industry.”

–Jack Ma, Founder of Ali baba

Hitacea Is in Tune with Times

With the technological advancements of modern society, the human experience and the general level of well-being enjoyed by society has been greatly elevated. With these improvements, public awareness of health issues has grown exponentially, as more and more people begin to put health at the top of their priority list. With this, the healthcare industry is booming, where in developed nations such as the US, healthcare as a percentage of GDP have skyrocketed over the past decades, from a low as 6% in 1970 to over 20% in recent years. Moreover, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought healthcare and the need for a robust healthcare system to the forefront of our existence. The entire economy has been put on pause to try combat this issue and this heightened attention has brought greater public awareness of need for further increased investments in this industry. With this, as well as the continued advancement of societal wealth, the healthcare industry will continue to experience explosive growth over the coming decade as it is projected to grow into the largest industry in the global economy.

HIT Enters Comprehensive Health Industry

Georges Yekas, the founder of HIT and president of the Panacea Family Office, has always put great value in innovations in healthcare industry and healthier lifestyle. Yekas was born in Athens, Greece, he graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in Financial Engineering, then joined the family office in 1990 as a financial investment advisor in Europe. He became president of the Panacea Family Office in 2007 and was named European Health Promotion Ambassador of the Year in 2011. Yekas started to invest in healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) industries 10 years ago. These investments have contributed significantly to the success of the family office, with its asset under management close to 50 billion USD as of 2019. In 2017, Yekas cofounded HIT Medical and Health Laboratory (the former of Hitacea) and in 2019, he started to create a new platform which would integrate traditional biomedical research with new technologies such as AI, big data and blockchain. This platform is now known as Hitacea.

An Integrated Comprehensive Health Platform

Hitacea is Asia’s first all-round health technology platform based on blockchain, federated learning and other emerging technologies. Its mission is to provide new healthcare solutions for users globally using accurate health data. Besides the capital and resources provided by the well-known and respected Panacea Family Office, Hitacea is also backed by the Sangkawibha Institute of Health in Thailand (SIOH). The SIOH and its staff is fully dedicated to advance medical technology and overcome medical difficulties with their talents and professionalism, doing numerous researches across fields like oncology, neurology, and orthopedics, etc. Zhejiang University Research and Development Center is responsible for integrating information technology with medical research and development, thus making these researches more accurate and more efficient.

Two Core Technologies as Hitacea’s Driven Force

The golden age for great healthcare industry has arrived. Applications of new technologies such as AI & blockchain are making greater impact across all healthcare sectors in recent years, and the trend is only going to grow in the next decade. AI improves productivity, and blockchain improves production relationships. Hitacea believes its cutting-edge blockchain & federated learning technology would provide great value for companies in pharmaceutical, health insurance, medical services, and would be one of the most successful models to lead healthcare revolution worldwide.

Hitacea Strive to Lead by Example in A New Era of Accurate Health Data

HIT’s all-round health technology platform is based on everyone’s health management needs throughout stages of prevention, treatment and recuperation. With its Online in Offline business model, the company would be able to fulfill these needs by providing products and services in six major areas: biomedicine, health management, medical tourism, medical equipment, health insurance and health food.

With the platform launching in May, HIT estimates to reach 1 million registered users across the globe within five months and 10 million registered users by year end 2020. Eventually, HIT will become the one-stop precision health integration platform driven by AI and blockchain technology, built for all businesses and customers in the healthcare industry.