Yes Infinite Plan Promises Unlimited Access Without FUP: Starts At RM58 Per Month

Yes Infinite Plan

Fully embracing its position as the only 5G provider in Malaysia at the moment, YTL Communications has officially revealed the new look for Yes to fit the new 5G era. Not only that, the company has also revealed the new Yes Infinite Plan.

The new plan comes with a bold promise: the ability to deliver total unlimited access to 4G and 5G without the constraints of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP). For those who are not familiar with FUP, it is a common clause implemented by telcos which usually throttles users’ speed once their usage reached a certain limit.Yes Infinite Plan

The new Infinite Plan is still being divided into several tiers although they are tied to hotspot quota instead of the traditional data pool. For example, the Infinite Basic costs RM58 per month with 10GB of hotspot allocation while the Standard plan with a 40GB quota goes for RM88.

On the other hand, the Premium plan is priced at RM118 per month featuring a 70GB quota and the Ultra plan which offers 100GB hotspot allocation can be obtained for RM178 per month. As a comparison, the existing Yes Prepaid FT5G plan costs RM30 per month while the Yes Postpaid FT5G plan has a monthly fee of RM49.

All four Yes Infinite plans are being offered as postpaid plans although they do not come with any contract. Meanwhile, existing customers under the FT5G plans will not be migrated to the new Infinite plans automatically and the Prepaid FT5G Unlimited plan will continue to be available made to consumers.

Yes 5G SIM Pack v2
A Yes 5G SIM pack with the telco’s new branding.

In terms of availability, consumers are already able to purchase the SIM pack directly from Yes’ website. To order, it costs the equivalent of one monthly fee although Yes noted that the amount will go back to users in the form of a rebate for their first month’s bill.

While customers will not be charged any shipping fee, they still have to pay SST. Hence, the actual costs to sign up for the new Yes Infinite plans are between RM61.48 to RM188.68 as noted in their Terms and Conditions document.

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