Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 To Come With DeX Support

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 render

The prices of foldable smartphones usually land them into the premium category of devices, and the same applies to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series. But for a top tier device made by the South Korean tech giant, it is lacking one feature that most of its fellow flagships have – Samsung DeX. For those who religiously follow the development of this series of devices, and have sorely missed the feature, the good news is that it is looking to be making a return in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

SamMobile cites sources that claim that the next clamshell foldable smartphone by the company will finally be sporting the productivity feature. If you need a reminder of what that is, Samsung DeX allows for devices to act as a workstation when connected to an external display. The user interface will also switch to something more desktop-like, and you can complete the experience by connecting a mouse and keyboard to it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 DeX

Granted, if you can afford a Galaxy Z Flip device, chances are you also have a laptop or tablet, complete with the necessary accessories, for such purposes. Nevertheless, it’s still a feature that’s found on most of the company’s flagships that’s oddly missing from the series. And while the report notes that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will be getting it, there’s no word in the older devices in the series will also be getting it via an update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 DeX desktop

Either way, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt for now. We’ll likely find out for sure if this report ends up being accurate when Samsung finally unveils the Galaxy Z Flip5 in a couple of months’ time. While the company usually has its second Unpacked event in August, word is that this year this will happen just a tad earlier, in late July.

(Source: SamMobile)

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