MSI Afterburner Project Could Be “Dead In The Water”

MSI Afterburner is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular overclocking tools and projects, used by both professionals and general consumers wanting to eke out that little bit more from their graphics card. Unfortunately, the brand hasn’t released an update for the tool for nearly a year, pushing some developers to continue the project, without its backing.

Alexey, who goes by the handle Unwinder, posted on the Guru3D forums that MSI’s Afterburner project was more or less dead in the water, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and other political reasons being the reason that it is unable to provide any further updates for the tool. To be precise, the last update to the program was done approximately 11 months ago.

(Image source: Guru3D via Videocardz.)

Not wanting to let it enter into a state of limbo, Alexey says that he has tried working on the MSI Afterburner project in his spare time or whenever he can. Due to the current status of the project, the man explains that he may have to drop and switch to something else, in order to put food on the table and pay the bills. Another indication that the ongoing war and whatever sanctions are clearly affecting him, in some form or another.

As we said, MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular overclocking tools in the world and technically speaking, it is a spiritual successor to RivaTuner. However, its inactive state of development has opened up the gates to scammers trying to take advantage by releasing cloned versions of the apps, filled with malware and all other sorts of malicious codes. It’s gotten so bad that at one point, MSI put out a tweet encouraging folks to download the tool via its official website.

(Image source: Guru3D via Videocardz.)

The good news is that, despite not having been updated for so long, MSI Afterburner is still listing some of the newly released GPUs, including the more recent NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. Another piece of good news is that RivaTuner Statistic Server (RTSS) will still be supported by Alexey, seeing how it is not officially an MSI tool and therefore, is not affected by sanctions.

(Source: Guru3D, Videocardz)

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