Dragons of Asia & Dragons of Malaysia is now two years in one.

In a handful of weeks, Covid-19 tipped our world upside down and shook it severely, with a domino effect snaking out affecting everyone on our planet, in some way. 

Our priorities have been to care for our families, (particularly older members) and ourselves. But we’ve also had to stand back and helplessly watch our industry lock itself up, and lock itself down. 

Social distancing, severe public isolation and increased testing are flattening the infection curve in growing numbers of countries.  

The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is in sight and many of us will soon be back to work to nurture and grow our massively dislocated businesses again. A soon-to-be daunting task.  

Respecting this focus, we’ve decided to merge the 2020 Dragons of Asia and the Dragons of Malaysia Programmes into the 2021 Programmes. We will postpone the Platinum Dragon award for this year and will start afresh in 2021.  

We will accept all entries which have already been logged on the Dragons entry site, as well as any new entries during this year, and include them in next year’s judging.  

Ours is an amazingly resilient industry and we wish all brand owners and brand managers every possible success in their kickstarting endeavours.  

The Dragons of Asia looks forward to continue to showcase the best in Marketing Communications in Asia and to the world again. This time in our 21st year. 

So look out for 2021.

Mike Da Silva – Director, The Dragons of Asia Marketing Communications Award Programme