Beam Launches Ramadan Promotion, Expansion To 15 New Locations In Petaling Jaya

Beam Ramadan Promotion Expansion Monthly Unlock Pass

Beam today has introduced a new Ramadan Promotion that’s running throughout the remainder of the fasting month until 23 April 2023. In addition, the company has also announced the expansion of its micro-mobility service and introduced its e-scooters to 15 new areas around Petaling Jaya.

During the Ramadan Promotion period, Beam users are entitled to receive RM 2 Credit Cashback for every trip taken. However, keep note that this only applies to group rides, so be sure to bring along a couple of friends in order to enjoy this limited time savings. 

“A trip on Beam’s e-scooters can easily save Malaysians ample time on their round trips to the bazaar when compared to cars,” the micro-mobility service provider wrote in its press release. “As a result, these areas can see reduced congestion and carbon emissions, making it safer and more comfortable for pedestrians to roam, and for vendors to operate.”

Beam Mobility Malaysia Merdeka Promo e-scooter
Image: Beam Mobility

In regards to its recent expansion, Beam notes that the introduction of its e-scooters into 15 new areas around Petaling Jaya aims to improve the first and last-mile connectivity of the area’s vast suburban neighbourhoods, as well as to encourage public transport use. More specifically, the locations in question include the following:

  • SS2, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, and SS21.
  • Seksyen 13, Seksyen 16, Seksyen 17, Seksyen 20, Seksyen 21, and Seksyen 22.
  • PJU 1, PJU 5, and PJU 8.

It’s also worth reminding that Beam offers a Monthly Unlock Pass via its mobile app that grants users unlimited rides for 30 days. However, do take note that the subscription is only available to its e-scooter service within the Kuala Lumpur area.

Beam Ramadan Promotion Expansion Monthly Unlock Pass

Interestingly, we’ve discovered that this particular pass now costs RM 10 a month, which is 50% less than before. Replying to our query, Beam confirmed that this change is permanent and was actually made effective last month. It did not say why the implementation had little to no fanfare but regardless, the reduced price will definitely delight users of the micro-mobility service that are based in KL.

(Source: Beam press release)

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