Maxis Postpaid Customers To Receive More Data Starting From 6 April


Maxis Postpaid customers will be provided with a higher amount of data quota starting tomorrow, 6 April onwards. The upgrade will take place automatically although it will be implemented in stages until 17 April 2023, according to the FAQ document on the telco’s website.

For clarity, here is how the data quota for Maxis Postpaid plans going to look after the upgrade:

  • Maxis Postpaid 68 (this plan is only available in East Malaysia): 40GB —> 50GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 98: 50GB —> 60GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 108: 60GB —> 70GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 128: 70GB —> 80GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 158: 90GB —> 100GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 188: 110GB —> 120GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 248: 120GB —> 130GB
  • Maxis Postpaid 368: 140GB —> 150GB

The FAQ document also noted that customers will receive an SMS from the telco once their accounts have been upgraded. For customers that have supplementary lines, do check out the share limit setting in the Maxis app after you receive the upgrade as the limit would be reset to reflect the new data quota.

Maxis Postpaid

As pointed out in the SMS above, the data quota upgrade is being implemented by the telco on a permanent basis and customers would not have to pay extra to receive the new quota. Meanwhile, the newly increased data quota will be made available for new line activation starting from 6 April as well, in case you are planning to sign up for a Maxis Postpaid plan anytime soon.

This is actually the second time that the telco has performed a 10GB data quota upgrade on its customers this year although the previous exercise was for Hotlink Postpaid 40 and Postpaid 60 plans. On the prepaid front, Maxis is currently offering 20GB of bonus data for Hotlink Prepaid Pantas customers that signed up for the RM35 monthly Internet and call pass although each customer can only claim the bonus data up to five times within this year.

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