Missing senior citizen in Sipitang found safe

KOTA KINABALU: The 81-year-old man who went missing while cleaning his orchard in Sipitang on Saturday (May 28), was found safe on Sunday (May 29) morning.

Asmad Bulad was found by villagers of Kampung Ulu Sipitang there at 6.20am, said the Fire and Rescue Department.

Earlier, a distress call was received by Sipitang Fire and Rescue station at 7.36pm on Saturday.

“The team then launched a 1km radius search from where the senior citizen was reported missing on Saturday, where search and rescue was stopped at 10.30pm to be continued the next day.

“The search was expanded to a 3km radius on Sunday, and the victim was found safe by villagers at Jalan Katipoh Ladang Kelapa Sawit.

“He was then handed over to his family and the operation ended at 7.26am,” said a Fire and Rescue spokesman.