Raya ‘Mask’ Go On – DuitNow & NagaDDB Tribal campaign

Playing with the ubiquity of masks everywhere, DuitNow created a Raya Mask Jalan campaign to celebrate the spirit of Raya in new and exciting ways, while having a little fun in the process.

“With less than a week to pitch, we as an agency had to respond, be nimble and robust, especially during this challenging time of Covid19 and CMCO but the team was super positive and we believed that the spirit of Raya has to go on in new and exciting ways,” said Creative Director of Naga DDB Tribal Sdn Bhd, Benedict Tan. Hence Raya Mask Jalan; we played with the current familiarity of ‘masks’ everywhere to tell the story of that spirit continuing, having a little fun while telling the story of Raya’s continuity.” 

The driving message of the campaign is to encourage those celebrating Raya to continue the tradition of giving Duit Raya by simply transferring money via DuitNow using the recipient’s phone or IC number. 

“Our collaboration with Naga DDB Tribal has enabled us to conceptualize creative ideas beyond the surface which  is apparent in this Hari Raya campaign,” said Head of Marketing for Payments Network Malaysia, Amy Pang. “Not only did Naga deliver according to the vision described in our brief, but their innate capability ensured the campaign’s overall success.”

Amy also emphasised that DuitNow is not an application that needs to be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store. Instead DuitNow can be found under fund transfer or by looking out for the DuitNow logo on your Internet and Mobile Banking. 

The DuitNow Raya Mask Jalan Campaign runs from 19 May 2020 till the end of Raya and has multiple ways for users to celebrate Raya with their e-greetings, GIFs, stickers and more.