PNB asks agencies to deliver 12-prong proposal in 7 days


Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), one of the largest fund management companies in Malaysia, advertised an invitation for a tender exercise in The Star newspaper on August 7. 

The project is their annual Digital Carnival from October 28 to Nov 1 and the scope covers Production, Social Media and support services. 

Companies that registered their interest via email were invited for the virtual briefing yesterday morning, August 12. 

Problem is they were invited for the session at 12.10am on August 12 and attendance was compulsory the same day at 10am. 

Which also means it they opened their email after 10am on that day, you were out! 

Anyway, nothing surprises me anymore about pitches from organisations like PNB. 

Long story short, I had a chance to sight the brief and would say that the job is a substantial workload. 

Interestingly, PNB did not specify any budget indication in the RFP. 

But what surprised me is that PNB has given the given submitting companies only 7 working days to send their proposals for what looks like 12 separate deliverables. 

These include events like Webinar & Talks, Facebook Trivia Game Show, Investment Quiz, Carpool Chit Chat, Cook Like a Pro, Medical Mythbusters and much more, while working with many appointed third party partners. 

On closer inspection, I’d say this job is for an aspiring PR sweatshop with digital and event management expertise.  

In other words, a Gold Rush for small local players who’ll toil through the night to try their luck. 

I wish them all well!