Perromart collaborates with TGH Collective to launch quirky video series on furbabies

Every fur parent knows that their fur babies are beyond just ‘pets’; they are essentially a member of the family. Local e-commerce pet retailer, perromart, also strongly believes in this and in collaboration with TGH Collective, have launched a series of quirky videos to show how human-like pets can be. 

Through the video series, perromart is highlighting the range of products available on the e-commerce platform and the benefits they offer such as fast delivery and high quality products at great value. 

Bella, a Maltese, is shopping for her friend who happens to be a cat – is part of perromart’s ‘they are one of us’ campaign to highlight the products offered on the e-commerce platform

“With the amount of effort and products being invested into the wellbeing of our dogs and cats, some have even taken to calling them humankind’s ‘new children’,” said co-founder of perromart, Roy Lim. “Through this campaign, we want to highlight not only the benefits of perromart’s online services, but also how perromart is dedicated to catering to pet parents who treat their pets not as simple companions, but as their ‘new children’ — not unlike human ones.” 

Perromart’s ‘they are one of us’ campaign starts this August and you can keep a lookout for the adorable videos on their social media channels