Opera May Integrate ChatGPT Into Its Browsers

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This week alone, we saw Google announcing Bard, and Microsoft announcing that it’s adding a ChatGPT-like AI to its Bing search engine and Edge Browser. It looks like another player in the browser space has similar plans, as a report notes that Opera may also integrate ChatGPT into its products.

CNBC reports that Opera’s parent company, Beijing-based Kunlun Tech, made the announcement on Wednesday. But for now, the company has not shared details as to which of its products will actually be getting the ChatGPT integration. For context, there are desktop and mobile versions of the Opera browser, for both iOS and Android, as well as a gamer-centric version called Opera GX.

Google Bard prompt
Source: Google.

To be clear, unlike Microsoft which is adding a version of AI that’s derived from and is claimed to be better than ChatGPT, word is that Opera is looking to add ChatGPT itself into its products.

Source: Microsoft.

On one hand, it makes sense that another web browser company would be making the same moves as the two larger names in the industry. But on the flip side, Opera is a pretty niche choice among users in general, even when compared to Microsoft’s Edge, and especially when compared to Google Chrome. It remains to be seen if this is a move that is being made with the goal of improving Opera’s market share, or something else entirely.

There’s also the question of if it will work as well as the company intends. Despite their attention-catching announcements, Google’s Bard already got caught making a gaffe with its exoplanet picture statement. Similarly, Microsoft’s FAQ page for the new Bing says that “it can still show unexpected or inaccurate results based on web content summarised”. ChatGPT itself is also prone to making inaccurate statements much like the Bing FAQ described.

(Source: CNBC, Grant Tremblay / Twitter, Microsoft)

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