Naga DDB Tribal and Digi took the Harvest Festival celebrations digital

Kaamatan, or the Harvest Festival celebrated in Sabah, is celebrated annually by a large gathering of people, with a wide spread food, and joyous moods of dance and song. However, due to unprecedented times, this years’ celebration is sure to take a different spin.

Digi, in collaboration with Kupi-Kupi, a Sabah radio station, organized a digital Kaamatan Festival. The festival uses a theme song, co-created between Digi and Kupi-Kupi titled Kita-kita Juga Baini, which means “we’re together.” The song was launched on 18 May to celebrate the heritage, love for food, music and karaoke; and the sense of togetherness that Sabahans have for one another. 

Other campaign extensions included an online karaoke concert called KupiStar, with a talent-search element to it that promises attractive prizes. The design of the entire concert hinges on the profound love Sabahans have for karaoke. 

A live show was held on 30 & 31 May, with some of Sabah’s top artists like Darel & Gotong and Benn Simon, showcasing music that Sabahans enjoy. To further enhance the festivities, Digi partnered with Grab to provide discounts for food deliveries during the season of Kaamatan.

“Through ideas that took a predominantly “on-ground” celebration onto the Internet and relevant collaborations, we had a good foundation to build a unique digital Kaamatan Festival,” said Creative Director at NagaDDB Tribal, Ellison Fernandez. “The cross-platforms of web and radio helped widen the reach in East Malaysia, while staying true to the components, like food and music to make the Kaamatan celebration grand.”