MSA 2019 report shows healthy growth for Digital Adex

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The following is extracted from the MSA Digital 2019 Full Year Summary.


In early 2019, Media Specialists Association (MSA)of Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Digital Association and Malaysian Advertisers Association embarked on an initiative to provide an accurate view of the the state of Digital Adex in Malaysia.21 media agencies were involved in providing the Digital Adex for FY 2017,FY2018 and quarterly in 2019. MSA estimates that the 21 agencies account for approximately 60% of the total Digital Adex in the country. Information is provided by digital platforms and product categories to MSA’s appointed independent auditor Ahmad Abdullah and Goh who in turn aggregated the numbers to provide a consolidated view of the total Digital Adex in Malaysia.


Reported Digital Adex grew by 8% to RM938Mil in 2019 vs 2018. MSA estimated that total MY Digital Adex to be RM1.563Bil in 2019 and RM1.448Bil in 2018. Whilst the traditional offline media is seeing either a flat or negative growth, Digital Adex is experiencing healthy growth year on year.


In 2017, digital Display commanded highest Adex share amongst all digital platforms but its Adex share is being eroded by the increase in Video and Social spends. In 2019, the share of spends for Display and Social are of equivalent value.The combined platform of Display, Video, Social andSearch account for89% of total Digital Adex in 2019. MSA believes Search and Social’s shares to be under-represented as it does not take into account the direct advertisers’ media placements with Google and Facebook and media placements from long tail media agencies.


All product categories showing healthy Adex growth.In 2017, four categories account for 68% of Digital Adex ie Telecom and Electronics, Food and Beverage,Retail (physical stores and online) and Personal Care. The very same four categories’ share of Digital Adex has increased to60% in 2017 and 65% in2018.