Mobile Title Rules Of Survival To End Operations On 27 June

Rules of Survival

If you’ve ever been on YouTube or played mobile games that monetise using ads in the past couple of years, then you’ve probably heard of Rules of Survival. It’s one of the many games that surfaced during the height of the mobile battle royale genre. Though it looks like the game is shutting down soon.

Amanz reports that its developer has posted as such on the official Rules of Survival Facebook page. The game will cease operations on 27 June 2022 at 3PM local time. After that, players will no longer be able to access the game’s servers. All account data and character info will also be purged. But oddly enough, players can apply for a refund for unused Diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

While it was one of many, the height of the game’s fame was probably back in 2018, when Rules of Survival was sued by PUBG Corp. At the time, battle royale was the new hottest thing in town, so it’s not surprising that mobile devs would capitalise on the hype. Though while PUBG Corp was shooting out legal actions left and right at the time, the similarity between PUBG and Rules of Survival at the time was pretty egregious.

At any rate, this marks the end of one of the many mobile battle royale titles out there. If you’re a player of the game, the devs say you can request for your Diamonds refund between 28 June and 28 September.

(Source: NetEase / Facebook via Amanz)

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