McDonald’s Malaysia Now Lets You Place Orders Through The App

McDonald's app Order & Collect

With the COVID-19 prevention SOP in place, getting food comes with a few additional steps to the process. This usually means more wait times as well. But with the new Order & Collect feature added to the McDonald’s app, the extra steps you take should should result in less wait times instead.

The normal process of getting your meal at McDonald’s usually involves queuing up, regardless if you’re dining in, taking away or driving through. With the new addition to the McDonald’s app, the idea is to eliminate the queuing process entirely. Essentially with the Order & Collect feature, you place an order in advance via the app, and the food is delivered to you when it’s ready.

McDonald's app Order & Collect four options 3

When dining in, applicable McDonald’s outlets in Malaysia will have a number and a QR code on the table. Using the new feature, you can immediately get to a seat and start placing your order. This eliminates the need to visit in groups so that some can hold on to your seats while others go place the orders for the group.

For takeaway and drive-through customers. You can place your order in advance through the app without the QR code or table number. If you do so early, you can even pick up your order the moment you arrive. Those driving through will still have to queue to get to the collection counter though.

McDonald's app Order & Collect your order

Where applicable, some McDonald’s Malaysia outlets will also have the Drive-In option. You get to a parking lot, get the number of the parking lot, and use that as part of the ordering process. When your order is ready, it will be delivered to you. Whichever of the four options you use, you have the option to pay via Visa or Mastercard.

Features of this nature isn’t exactly new, but it’s always nice to see a major fast food chain adopt this. In fact, some of you may have also used this before today. McDonald’s Malaysia says that this feature was first introduced back in October 2021 at selected Klang Valley outlets. The one in Mid Valley Megamall comes to mind. At the moment, it’s currently being rolled out to all the other outlets in the country.

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