Blizzard “Really Confident” On Avoiding Diablo IV Day-One Server Overload

The good folks at Blizzard Entertainment are of the belief that, unlike day-one launch events of games in the past, Diablo IV won’t suffer from server overload, a scenario that gamers one and all absolutely fear and hate. In fact, the studio believes that the launch of the game will work “flawlessly”.

This level of confidence was projected by John Mueller, Art Director at Blizzard, and Joe Piepiora, Associate Game Director at Blizzard. In an interview with Eurogamer, the two explained that the studio had been preparing for the day by carefully observing potential issues through the three Diablo IV public betas it ran previously, and not just as a marketing gimmick to push for the wolf pup cosmetic giveaway.

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For context, the last Diablo IV was the Server Slam event that took place last weekend, and was the final time for Blizzard to really push the envelope on server stability before the launch of the game next month on 6 June (2 June for those that preordered the game). “Every one of these betas has been transformational in terms of our understanding of our own technical capacity and what we need to do to make that a smoother launch experience in general,” Piepiora said.

That Blizzard and its folks is confident that Diablo IV will kick off without a hitch on launch day is a ballsy claim, given the studio history with its prior titles. Back when Diablo 3 launched, its servers were slammed, with its players receiving an “Error 37” message, which was basically its infrastructure rejecting players. It was a similar situation with Diablo II Resurrected, and those that weren’t kicked off the server were forced to wait for an annoyingly long time, if the game didn’t crash. And to say nothing of the mobile version of it IP, Diablo Immortal, which suffered from a case of severe overloading at launch.

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We’ll just have to wait until 6 June to see if Blizzard’s servers will be able to hold up against the horde of diehard fans of Diablo IV.

(Source: Eurogamer, Techspot)

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