A publishing miracle born of the MCO crisis

It’s undoubtedly been a difficult last few months to say the least. The first half of 2020 has been sort of a rude awakening. But an awakening nevertheless. Maybe for our industry, this year will be the year of the digital awakening?

For MARKETING Magazine, going digital has been a wild and refreshing experience. It has taught us that our business is versatile and our industry adapts quickly whenever needed.

This period has forced us to rethink numerous aspects of our business. By briefly taking a couple of steps back and out of the noise to examine what lies in the core of our business value, we became more centered. 

One of the several reviews for the MARKETING Weekender we’ve received from our readers

It was this enlightenment period that gave birth to The MARKETING Weekender. Most of you are probably familiar with the digital magazine that’s been arriving in your inbox or your WhatsApp the last couple of weeks. 

When we realised our strength is and will always remain to be the uncensored content we create and the pivotal narratives we choose to highlight that others wouldn’t, everything became clear. Our Regional CEO dedicated his time to putting out a digital magazine that was anything but fluff. 

After the first edition, we received overwhelming positive responses and knew that this was something we had to keep doing, and so we did. 

7 Weekender issues later, our readership and subscriber list keeps growing and our readers are loving how convenient it is to read. What keeps them hooked is the writing style and the hot topics we explore. Our impression rate that started off at 10,000 has increased by almost 3 times more in less than 2 months. We’ve also had several industry superstars contribute their opinions to the Weekender. 

If you’ve not had the pleasure of reading one of our Weekender editions, start with my personal favourite: Issue 249. 

And then if you like what you see and read, you can read the rest here.