UniWorld.io enhances DeFi with UniChain, 4th Generation Blockchain

SINGAPORE, Aug 19, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – At ICO, UniWorld (Uniworld.io) cleared its entire stock of UNW tokens in minutes. UniWorld is driven by an ecosystem powered by native blockchain, messenger, social, and AI R&D labs, all but the latter being revenue streams. UNW, or UniCash, is the UniWorld digital currency introduced at ICO. Following strong support, the developer team voted to offer more UNW tokens, leading to 2 further rounds, which sold out quickly as well.

UniWorld plans to hold IEOs on 3 different exchanges, with increasing volume: First, the Korean market, with a small $1M fundraiser on ChainX (which will restrict many countries) in early September. Next, the Chinese market. Followed by a large exchange, such as Binance or Coinbase, depending on discussions. After the initial IEOs, more listings will follow rapidly, targeting the world’s top exchanges in terms of liquidity.

UniWorld.io launched its blockchain platform earlier last summer, slowly stress-testing the system, without relying on investors. UniChain, known for its high-end scalability and operability, namely one million transactions per second and complete compatibility with virtually any other blockchain, is intent on a dominant performance.

Over 50K Wallets Registered Following Release on UniChain

As Registration opened, 1000s of new users from 141 countries signed up for their own Uni accounts on just the first day. While the original plan was to launch in a few selected countries, but this was quickly restructured for a global release, less exceptions where regulators had yet to catch up. Currently there are over 50,000 wallets registered on UniChain, a remarkable number for its young age.

Its speed and simplified processes are an improvement on other blockchain platforms. Users and developers alike can create Tokens, dApps, and pass votes on the UniChain. Unlike Ethereum, UniChain builds with a very pragmatic approach. “So simple, even your Grandmother can now build smart contracts and tokens,” remarked Daika Ginza, CEO of Uni, on the exciting prospects.

As a way for new users to test the network’s features, every new wallet comes with 0,5 UNW free of charge. This cost is carried by the revenue stream of Uni’s software production, and is seen as an investment strengthening the resolve to put “usability and purpose above meaningless promotion”.

UniChain for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

With the capacity of processing up to one million transactions per second and by leveraging side-chain architecture and a flexible smart contract system, UniChain is suitable for any DeFi solution, from payment platforms to peer-to-peer lending networks, security token exchanges, stable coins, decentralized exchanges and real estate exchanges.

Create an account today, https://accounts.uniworld.io, and be part of the future of blockchain.

Re-Evolution For The Next Generation!

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