Monkey King Coin MKT will be launched on BIJIEEX for the world premiere at 8pm on August 8th

According to official sources, Monkey King Token (MKT) announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with BIJIEEX. At 8 PM (UTC+8) on August 8, 2020, MKT will launch BIJIEEX for the world’s first time and open it. The MKT/USDT trading pair is now open for deposit and withdrawal for global users. The two parties will cooperate in social traffic, online activities, media announcements, etc., and are committed to building a blockchain project with actual landing.

It is reported that Monkey King (’s digital asset token is Monkey King Token (abbreviation: MKT), the Chinese name is “Monkey King Token/Token”, the total issuance is constant at 1.8 billion, and it is guaranteed No additional issuance.

MKT is the application equity pass of the business chain platform. The use of MKT passes will be converted into membership prices to purchase various services and products provided by the business chain platform, such as issuance fees, advertising fees, promotion commissions, service fees, and so on.

The value of the MKT token increases with the number of merchants connected to the business chain platform and the transaction volume. Merchants hope to enjoy discounts on various platform fees by purchasing MKT. This will be the essential attribute of the increasing intrinsic value of the MKT token. Merchants can sell their products at listed MKT prices to attract MKT pass holders to consume. The platform will force MKT prices to enjoy a certain discount relative to legal currency prices.

Currently, MKT is creating a multi-open and win-win ecosystem. It has established many industries in Southeast Asia such as South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and China, and is deploying a global industrial chain.

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Company Name: Monkey Legend Limited

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Contact Person: Dr Jonathan Lin


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