EENOUR Launching Its Newest Model of Wearable Air Conditioner

This Summer, Stay Cool with the EENOUR Wearable Air Conditioner

HONG KONG, May 31, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) -EENOUR is launching its newest model of wearable air conditioner on As the pace of life speeds up, devices are becoming more convenient, more portable, and richer in functionality. EENOUR has the ambition of creating novel and practical products that have exquisite and compact designs. With these goals in mind, they are bringing to market our newest neck air conditioner before the start of summer, which includes several refinements compared to previous generations of portable fans.

The company adapts semiconductor refrigeration technology, known to be safe, efficient, and silent, to give neck air conditioner cooling and heating modes that both have three speeds and that can change users’ body temperature quickly. Two sheets of aluminum on both sides of the neck can rapidly cool down the skin. Because so many nerves pass through the neck, any change in temperature around the neck is quickly felt in the rest of the body.

The cooling mode can be set to 77°F, 68°F, or 59°F. The heating mode can be set to 100°F, 104°F, or 108°F. In summer, the EENOUR neck air conditioner will cool people down. In winter, it becomes a high-tech scarf that keeps them cosy.

With a large-capacity, 3,500mAh battery, the EENOUR neck air conditioner can work for four hours straight. Use it during a yoga sessions, in the heat of a gaming match, as people are skateboarding, or during outdoor activities in winter. Using USB-C technology, the EENOUR neck air conditioner can fully charge within three hours.

An ergonomic design that perfectly fits the body means people can use the EENOUR neck air conditioner without having to change the posture. And with a working sound level of just 25 decibels, the EENOUR neck air conditioner won’t wear them down.

Its smooth design means it will not catch on hair or beard. It has no exposed fans like other wearable cooling devices. Weighing only 0.4 pounds and covered in surfaces that don’t squeeze mean it’s hardly noticeable when it rests on people’s neck, allowing people to focus on their work or other activities.

The EENOUR neck air conditioner’s sleek design looks good even when not turned on. It is a great gift for a friend, partner, or parent.

The EENOUR neck air conditioner is portable, fast, and quiet. It’s large battery and ergonomic form makes it a joy to use. Cooling people’s neck is the easiest way to keep from overheating. It’s just one of many EENOUR’s innovative ideas.

EENOUR has been creating electronic devices such as portable power stations and solar panels for many years, starting out in the Japanese market and aiming to go global in the future. Conceived last year, EENOUR turned the neck air conditioner into a reality after thorough testing under various circumstances to determine the optimal design. It is their sincere hope that they can make life easier for users.

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