Floods: Army rescues 50 people trapped in Jelebu’s Kenaboi State Park

SEREMBAN: Fifty people who were trapped without food and medicine for over two days after floods hit the Kenaboi State Park in Jelebu have been rescued or given aid by the 15th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment.

The Army said in a statement on Wednesday (Dec 22) that two officers and 23 men of the battalion were deployed to search for flood victims at the location.

“Earlier, military personnel found three flood victims searching for food at 11.15am. Following that, a reconnaissance team was set up to find an entry point and identify the number of civilians who needed help,” the statement said.

It added that of the total, 31 people agreed to be taken out and placed at the Bukit Perjuangan Recreation Camp while 19 who refused to leave were reported to the Jelebu District Disaster Operations Control Centre for further action.

The statement added that the search and rescue operation was in line with the fifth pillar of the 28th Army Commander’s Supreme Order, namely the improvement of the Army’s relations with civilians. – Bernama