Who should attend Joe Najib’s workshop?

Photo by William Iven // Unsplash

First off, who is Joe Najib?

Joe Najib is a senior advertising & marketing individual with over 20 years of experience in the communications industry, having worked for both local and multinational advertising agencies such as SearchGuru, ISC, Dentsu,
Havas, TribalDDB and TBWATequila, to name a few.

Joe has worked across various fields in the advertising spectrum –as an account management person, a digital marketing strategist, to heading a creative team. He also had a stint as the Head of Social Media at Hong Leong Bank, under its Digital Innovations team.

Okay, but what does Joe Najib do?

Joe is known industry-wide for his ability to create stunning presentation documents and delivering them with flair, contributing to his 90% overall pitch-win-rate. He now conducts PowerPoint presentation workshops and trainings full-time to MNCs, GLCs, and the general public.

He also designs keynote addresses for some of the country’s most celebrated CEOs and corporate figures.

So, should attend I Joe Najib’s workshop?

The answer is yes! if you answer yes! to any of the following questions:

  • Are you an executive who’s already familiar with MS PowerPoint but you’ve been searching for new ways to jazz up your outputs and break conventional presentation barriers?
  • Does your job description include creating PowerPoint presentations for your bosses and you want to create the kind of presentations that will make them look good and in return, make you look good as well?
  • Do you understand the difference between a good and great presentation but are stuck on how to create the latter?
  • Do you create proposals for that determine your company’s sales for the year?
  • Are you in marketing, communications, sales, strategic planning, finance, human resource & talent management or any discipline that requires any form of reporting, proposing, or presenting content?
  • Are you currently looking for employment and need more skillsets to stand-out from other applicants?
  • Are you someone that’s all about pushing the boundaries even when it comes to creating a presentation for an internal meeting?

If I have you nodding your head at even one of the above, then you should seriously consider signing up for Joe Najib’s workshop happening on the following dates:

  1. 29 – 30 June 2020
  2. 13 – 14 July 2020

Joe Najib’s workshop has sold out everytime we’ve hosted it and it used to be priced at RM 1,300 but has been reduced to RM 800 so more people can attend. It’s also HRDF claimable.

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