Touch ‘n Go eWallet Announces GOprotect Insurance Hub

TNG eWallet GOProtect

The name Touch ‘n Go usually brings to mind either the card or the ewallet provided by the company. Insurance, on the other hand, would probably not be among the first things you think of. But now, with the announcement of GOprotect, that could be something that you’d associate with the company, or more specifically the Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

TNG Digital says that GOprotect allows you compare quotes and purchase insurance plans from the major insurers in the country. Listed among partner insurers include AIA, Allianz, Etiqa, MSIG, Takaful Ikhlas, Takaful Malaysia and Zurich Takaful. And from these partners are six categories of insurance that you can pick from. These are identified as they currently exist as WalletSafe, SafeTrip, SafeHome, CarInsure, MotoInsure and CI Insure.

TNG eWallet more insurance

Among the benefits of using GOprotect that the company touts includes the fact that you can get quotations for free. Beyond that, should you decide to get any insurance plan this way, you can also track them via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. This is done via the “My Policies” tab. TNG Digital also claims that, in addition to the convenience that GOprotect provides in the buying process, doing so through the eWallet will also ensure that the transactions are secure.

In a sense, GOprotect isn’t exactly new. It was previously known simply as Insurance, one of the features you can find within the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. And within it is the aforementioned six categories. With the rebranding and the new name, TNG Digital says that the company’s plan is to expand this with more categories in the future.

TNG eWallet GOProtect launch

To got more people to make use of the rebranded GOprotect, TNG Digital is offering to award 100% cashback when you purchase an insurance plan via this platform. This is naturally limited to a small number of lucky people, of which the company says there will only be six a day, until 31 May 2023. You can find out more via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, or by visiting the official web page linked here.

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