Sony Has Announced The Second-Generation Spatial Reality Display

Sony ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display

Back in October of 2020, Sony announced the Spatial Reality Display, a 15.6-inch 3D screen that does its magic by tracking your eyes using a camera. Now, two-and-a-half years later, the company has announced the sequel. With the first model sporting the model number of ELF-SR1, this new one is simply known as the ELF-SR2.

So what exactly is new with the next-generation Sony Spatial Reality Display? For one, there’s the massive upsizing – while the first has a screen that measures in at 15.6 inches, this second generation pushes the display real estate all the way up to 27 inches. And while the resolution is still at 4K, the new model also comes with what is called the “super resolution engine” that upscales 2K images to 4K. The company claims that it also has a wider colour gamut and a faster vision sensor.

Sony ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display
Source: Sony / YouTube.

Like the first model, the new Sony ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display requires a relatively powerful PC for it to run. The fine print on the announcement page states that the system it is connected to should have at least an Intel i5 six-core CPU and a GPU that’s equivalent to the performance of an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super, or something that can get a PassMark G3D Mark score of 18000 or higher. For RAM, the company suggests at least 16GB, and the storage drive should be an SSD.

Oddly enough, despite the much larger screen and updated capabilities, the Sony ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display comes with just about the same price tag as the ELF-SR1. As part of the official announcement, the company says that it is expected to have an MSRP of US$5000 (~RM22010). At the time of writing, the first generation model still has its retail price of US$4999. But as before, this is something that’s more for industry professionals rather than your average hobbyist 3D modeller. Availability is planned to start in May

(Source: Sony)

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