RealityOS Trademark Filing Hints At Upcoming Apple AR/VR Product

Apple mixed-reality headset

Reports of Apple being involved in the AR and VR space isn’t exactly new. That being said, the company has yet to announce anything officially, despite the many reports and rumours about them. While nothing on that front has changed just yet, there are signs pointing in that direction, most notably the trademark filing for what’s called RealityOS.

Vox Media product manager Parker Ortolani shared on Twitter two US Patent and Trademark Office filings for RealityOS registered by a company called Realityo Systems LLC. As 9to5Mac points out, this company is registered at the same address as another similarly named Yosemite Research LLC. The latter is the company that registered the trademark Monterey days before WWDC 2021, when the macOS with the same name was announced. As for the address itself, it points to a real company called Corporation Trust Centre which provides trademark services to Apple.

Apple AR Glasses
Source: Martin Hajek / iDrop News.

One other detail found within the RealityOS filing is the deadline for “international filing” of 8 June, which is two days after WWDC 2022 starts. That being the case, it seems unlikely that the company will be making any VR or AR related announcements during that time. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is considering pushing back the launch of its headset into 2023.

As mentioned before, there have been a number of reports regarding Apple’s ventures into VR and AR, though none mention the RealityOS name. While a fair number of them are from last year, they paint an interesting picture as to what the project may look like. One states that the company plans to make a very expensive VR headset first to pave the way for more mainstream AR models. Another states that the headset will have LiDAR tracking capabilities as well as having six camera lenses. Then there’s one that says that it will be a mixed reality headset instead, with two 8K displays on the inside.

(Source: Parker Ortolani / Twitter via 9to5Mac, Bloomberg via Engadget)

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