Malaysia’s First VR Water Slide To Open On 6 February

Splash VR Water Slide Polin Polymorph

Gamuda Land’s new water park, the SplashMania will be opened on 6 February according to its official Facebook page. Located in the Gamuda Cove township at Banting, the park features a total of 39 water slides and attractions with one of them being rather unique to the park.

This is because it is a virtual reality-enhanced water slide which is said to be the first such implementation in Malaysia. Called Atlantis VR, we have noted in our previous report that Gamuda did not reveal many details about the upcoming slide aside from describing it as a 250-meter virtual journey through the lost city of Atlantis.

SplashMania - Gamuda Cove - Atlantis VR
The location of Atlantis VR within the water park according to the artist’s rendition. [Image: GL Play.]

However, in the same report we noted that it could be based on the Splash VR which was co-developed by a subsidiary of Polin Group called Polin Game Technologies and French developer Polymorph Software. Another Polin Group subsidiary, Polin Waterpark is involved in the creation of SplashMania together with ProSlide Technology.

Meanwhile, SplashMania’s official website stated that the Atlantis VR is a “giant conveyor slide” and can fit large-sized floats in the form of either 2-person or 4-person configuration. Visitors must be taller than 120cm in order to go down the slide while the combined weight of the riders must be more than 120kg a 2-person float or 280kg for a 4-person float.

SplashMania - Gamuda Cove
Artist rendition of SplashMania. [Image: GL Play.]

When it comes to the pricing, it costs RM79 per person for adults. As for kids with heights of between 90cm to 120cm, the ticket costs RM63 and there is no entrance fee for children that are under 90cm.

The same RM63 ticket price also applies to senior citizens aged 60 years old and above. Available for purchase right away via Gamuda’s GL Play, do note that this pricing is only applicable for the period between today and 31 March 2023 which means that SplashMania’s ticket price may change after that.

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