How Tesco & Naga DDB Tribal cooked up the perfect Raya 2020 message

The Movement Control Order – a restraining measure implemented by the Malaysian Government to curb the COVID-19 pandemic – has impacted the population and industries in very different ways.

Not only do we have to consider lifestyle changes that the “new normal” entails, our vocabulary now also includes “social distancing”, “the new normal”, and “WFH (Work From Home)”.

Life however has to go on, and for the advertising industry, the challenges have resulted in very creative results. When one of the most popular retail chains in the country and one of the largest brand strategy agencies come together to create a Raya campaign, Normal is thrown out the window and the New Normal takes over.

“We thought, how can we be together this Raya even though we have to be apart?” said Erman Basiron, Creative Group Head of Naga DDB Tribal. Farid Ajlan, Creative Group Head, added “Raya also meant so many precious traditions and activities like cooking and baking and picking out the baju Raya could not be approached in the same fashion. “ And so the campaign “Raya Jimat, Raya Selamat. Bersama Walaupun Jauh” was conceived.

This series of videos positioned Tesco as a relevant player in the upcoming Raya celebrations, offering a wide range of Raya essentials at good value, with easy online purchase and delivery options.

For director Hyrul Anuar from production house The Tankers, this job was certainly unlike the usual. Everyone – agency and clients included –practiced the WFH ethic and all feedback and meetings were conducted via Google Hangout.

It helped that the main talent was the director’s housemate. With the supporting talent of “mum”, the 1-day shoot culminated in four videos, each demonstrating that despite distance and with the clever use of technology, traditions can still be celebrated – just differently.

“Naga understands the power of a good story and this campaign fits perfectly with Tesco’s brand values of affordability and choice. We also wanted to assure customers that a Tesco experience – whether online, in-store or delivery – would be a safe one, and that we too, want your Raya to be a good and memorable one,” said Vivian Yap, Customer Director at Tesco Malaysia.

She emphasised the importance of maintaining a positive shopping experience for the customer, which is why Tesco has issued guidelines and precautionary measures for all consumer physical touchpoints at their premises.

“When the team at Naga presented the concept to us, it made so much sense. We felt it sent the right message, with the right amount of sensitivity and humour considering that the festive celebrations will be observed in a very different way this year.”