Gojek’s expansion unveiled with campaign film featuring a utopian reality

Gojek has unveiled its first international marketing campaign as it gears up for expansions to Vietnam and Thailand. The campaign is built around Gojek’s ability to remove everyday frictions from people’s lives, bringing more ‘flow’ and hence more days where everything just works. 

After operating under the brands of GoViet in Vietnam and GET in Thailand for over a year, the company announced in July that it would be unifying these brands under Gojek and the milestone will be marked with Gojek’s first multi-country campaign. 

“As the Gojek brand expands into new markets, we wanted to create a unique campaign that would shape the narrative of what we stand for and will stand the test of time,” said SVP and Group Head of International Marketing at Gojek, Jasper Distel. “Our film, titled ‘The Flow’ is dedicated to our customers, driver-partners, merchants and partners and affirms our commitment to create products and services enabled by technology to reduce everyday friction and obstacles in people’s daily lives.” 

Building on the theme of removing frictions and inducing more ‘flow’ in people’s lives, a powerful visual metaphor of a city was created, representing everything customers can expect from Gojek. It’s a stylised world where cars, people, motorbikes and others can seamlessly co-exist and take all the chaos out of life. At the centre of it all is a grand spectacle where people, motorcycles and cars perform a coordinated stunt on an epic scale. All elements come together in a synchronized spectacle, forming a Gojek logo. Because what better way to introduce a new brand than to make the campaign about the logo itself. 

The creative agency behind the campaign was Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore. Executing the campaign film involved 25 cars, 15 motorbikes and stunt drivers, looping a giant motordrome 75 times. According to Gojek, the massive car motordrome measured 25 meters across and the whole set took a full 10 days to build, with the crew working nonstop for 5 days to make the project a reality. 

“Not all companies have the courage to do something so bold to bring to life their brand story and purpose,” said Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore CEO, Susanna Fagring. “The whole set took ten days to build and the end result is something quite special that will very effectively introduce the Gojek brand to millions of new consumers across the region.” 

The campaign launches today in Vietnam with the brand film showing on TV, as well as on Gojek’s YouTube channel and owned platforms. Watch the film below: