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CelcomDigi Fibre Promotion

It’s safe to say that high-speed internet is basically a must-have these days for everyone, from gamers to work-from-home professionals. However, have you ever stopped and wondered how much you’re actually paying for just to have a stable connection, and even more so for a fast one? Knowing that you can use that money for something better is when you’ll most likely realise that you’re spending too much.

Hence, Celcom and Digi have joined forces to provide better service and better fibre connectivity to Malaysians at a lesser cost. To celebrate this momentous event, they are offering an incredible deal that’s great for everyone in the form of CelcomDigi Fibre. Here’s what you need to know about this stellar service:

CelcomDigi Fibre Promotion
Image: CelcomDigi

As mentioned earlier, paying a premium price for a sub-par service is very frustrating, especially if that service is essential to your daily routine, and CelcomDigi aims to fix this. 

For only RM100 a month, you can get the best fibre plan with 300Mbps, allowing you to save a total of RM1,200 per year—perfect for hardcore gamers who want to step up their game! If you’re not a Celcom or Digi Postpaid customer but are considering making the switch, you can still get in on this for only RM75, half of the standard price, for the first six months!

Each plan comes with a free Wi-Fi 6 router installation, and you are also eligible for an exclusive Samsung 4K Smart TV add-on deal while you are at it! With savings of up to 48% as opposed to the market price, you would be able to take advantage of your new super-fast and reliable CelcomDigi Fibre to enjoy gaming and an ultra high-definition movie experience with a screen choice of up to 65-inch, perfect for streamers who love to binge-watch their favourite K-dramas.

CelcomDigi Fibre Promotion
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If you find jumping onto a new network daunting or that doing so would disrupt your internet at home, CelcomDigi provides a seamless and fast application process. Thanks to a dedicated CelcomDigi Fibre team, you can get an installation appointment in 24 hours for your peace of mind.

Why choose between a consistent connection or a fast one when you can have both with CelcomDigi Fibre? For more information, kindly visit CelcomDigi’s official website and get ready to experience fibre connectivity as it should be in terms of speed, reliability, and value.

This article is brought to you by CelcomDigi.

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