Farrokh Madon sets sail with his brainchild agency

For today’s dose of inspiring stories, we spoke to creative veteran Farrokh Madon who has taken the leap to start his own branding and communications agency called PIRATE. 

The former chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson stepped down from his position in March of this year and is now channeling his creativity into PIRATE, his brainchild agency that has been set up to deliver creative brand solutions. 

Speaking to MARKETING Magazine, Farrokh emphasised the agency’s belief that while some clients need ads, all clients need smart business solutions. 

Choosing to focus on fresh ideas over age-old processes, the agency takes a unique approach with its clients.

“PIRATE doesn’t believe in organization structures the size of a pregnant whale,” Farrokh said. “We crew up depending on a client’s needs which means clients get the right quality inputs at the right times.”

According to Farrokh, the modality of the agency also means clients are only required to pay for what they use which results in a faster and fairer working arrangement. 

“It is similar to how the pirates of yore operated and I believe it is very relevant today,” Farrokh said. 

Farrokh also pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes that have been due for decades, in just a few months.  “Look at online banking for example where more people have embraced the technology in the last few months than they have in the last 2 decades,” Farrokh explained. 

Perhaps necessity isn’t just the mother of invention but also pivotal in getting people to actually use them. 

Farrokh added that similarly, advertising agencies will be forced to evolve rapidly if they plan to survive. 

“Less fat, greater agility and supreme accountability will be the need of the hour,” he said. “Now, more than ever, it will be important to walk the talk and if you charge big fees you will have to justify it more than ever before.”

In a career spanning Singapore, Amsterdam and India, Farrokh has garnered over 150 prestigious advertising awards. Work done on his watch has been featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show & FOX TV in America.