Ensemble & Petronas’ Raya film tells a timeless story through animation

This year, PETRONAS together with Ensemble Worldwide, have taken the animated film approach to their Raya film. 

The title of Ensemble & Petronas’ 2020 Raya film is ‘Antara Dua Jendela’, which essentially means ‘between two windows’. The film serves as a heart-warming and much needed reminder to Malaysians that despite the circumstances, they are not alone this Raya.

The film is also in line with PETRONAS’ festive theme for the year of ‘Our Unique Family’, which delves into relationships that blossom through kindness and support, and the importance of these values in unprecedented times.

“Our entire production process mirrored the message that was told in the film,” said Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide, Chan Woei Hern. “Of looking at new perspectives and finding joy in the people around us; we’re grateful to our partners and clients for coming together to bring ‘Antara Dua Jendela’ to life.”

The animated film revolves around two characters, Uda and Dara. What makes this story quirky is the fact that these two characters are actually kampung houses and in love. The story unfolds to feature the years-long tension between their respective owners that are finally reconciled due to their shared loneliness, much to the delight of Uda and Dara. 

The film was directed by Ismail Kamarul and produced by his team at Reservoir World.

“’’Antara Dua Jendela’ is a timeless story told in the times we live in as we know the hardships and struggles Malaysians face,’ Woei Hern added. ‘But we also see the resilience and spirit of joy in the little things we do for the people around us and it’s this energy that keeps us going that we wanted to bring to life.”

Since 20 May 2020 when the film was released on YouTube and facebook, its views have surpassed the 5 million mark.