Comms Minister: MCMC To Take Action Against Coldplay Ticket Scalpers

Coldplay concert

Scalpers are an inevitable part of modern day life. So when a hot commodity appears – like tickets to a Coldplay concert scheduled to happen at the end of the year – it’s safe to say that they will leap out of the woodwork and do their thing. And it looks like they’ve pushed things a little too far, and attracted the attention of the Malaysia Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil. The minister has since instructed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to take action against these scalpers.

As The Sun reports, Fahmi says that the MCMC will ask social media platforms to take down advertisements of the resale of the Coldplay concert tickets. The scalpers themselves can also be brought to court, and “appropriate action will be taken”.

The minister also shared on Twitter a screenshot of a report highlighting a ticket for the Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres concert being resold for RM43,200. Said price is naturally being described as excessive, but Fahmi goes on to say in his tweet that this will be discussed with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN). While it is among the most extreme examples found online, it’s far from the only one.

Our sister site Hype MY has found a collection of other scalpers with their optimistic pricing for the Coldplay concert tickets. In one example, a scalper listed their one Ultimate Experience ticket for RM10,000, when its original price was listed at RM3,088. Another example echoes a similar attempts to triple their initial investment, to use the term loosely, with CAT 3 tickets being sold at RM2,222 when it was originally priced at RM658. One is even selling four My Universe tickets for RM20,000 when one originally costs RM2,108.

Source: Carousell, Viagogo, Shopee via Hype MY.

It should go without saying, but no one should be buying from scalpers, be they tickets to Coldplay’s first concert in Malaysia, or the at-the-time hot new piece of tech. Fahmi continues to say that “The government takes this “ulat tiket” (ticket touts) issue seriously”, asking people to make police reports so that action can be taken against these scalpers.

(Source: The Sun, Hype MY, Fahmi Fadzil / Twitter)

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