BigPay Now Supports Cross-Border QR Payments In Singapore And Thailand [UPDATED]

bigpay cross border duitnow thailand singapore nets promptpay

[Update – 25 May 2023, 3:35 PM] We’ve received a clarification from BigPay that only Malaysian users will be able to use the cross-border QR payment feature. This means that Singaporean BigPay users aren’t able to use it in Malaysia or Thailand.

[Original Story – 25 May 2023, 12:08 PM]

Finance app BigPay has announced that it now supports cross-border QR payments between Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. This means that its users can make seamless payments by just scanning QR codes while travelling in any of these three countries, allowing them to make instant cardless transactions in the local currency with what the company claims are competitive foreign exchange rates.

Malaysia and Singapore recently finalised support for each other’s national QR payment systems, through DuitNow and SGQR QR code by NETS respectively. Similarly, Malaysia and Thailand set up a linkage between DuitNow and the latter’s PromptPay system back in 2021.

bigpay cross border duitnow thailand singapore nets promptpay
Image: BigPay

If you’re already familiar with using the DuitNow QR code system, then paying in Thailand and Singapore won’t be any different. On the BigPay app, just tap on the DuitNow QR button and scan the merchant’s NETS or PromptPay QR code.

After that, you can enter the amount in the local currency and it will show you the currency conversion in Malaysian Ringgit before you approve the payment. Once you’ve reviewed the details, just click on “pay” and you’re done. This is quite useful for making cashless payments at small stalls that might not have the capacity or the logistical ability to have card terminals.

singapore paynow qr code
Singapore’s PayNow QR code on the SGQR system | Image: HSBC

Of course, you need to preload the e-wallet in BigPay with cash in order to use the app for QR payments. If you want your travels to be even more seamless, you could set up auto top-up which will automatically charge your card a set amount when your balance falls below a certain amount.

To sign up for BigPay, you’ll need to download the app and then verify your face and identification document. After then, you’ll need to pay RM20 for an initial top-up for your account to get activated as well as for you to receive a physical debit card.

(Source: BigPay Press Release)

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