ARM Announces New Immortalis GPU For Mobile Devices

ARM today announced its latest self-names ARM Toral Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS 2023), the chipmaker’s latest platform for mobile computing this year. As part of the announcement, the chipmaker’s new mobile platform includes a new Immortalis GPU, based on its 5th generation GPU architecture.

ARM describes its new Immortalis GPU as its most efficient graphics unit for mobile devices to-date, and the poster child leading the charge for the new generation is the Immortalis G720. Technically speaking, it is capable of delivering approximately 15% more performance and efficiency improvements over the previous generation ARM GPU. Additionally, it also delivers a 40% uplift in system-level efficiency that, in turn, leads to higher quality graphics and as a direct result, more immersive visual experiences.

Again, the G720 isn’t the only the mobile GPU that the chipmaker that is based on ARM’s 5th generation Immortalis GPU. Right behind it is the Mali-G720 and Mali-G620, which are often used by ARM partners’ chipsets, Samsung’s Exynos SoC being one of them.

The Immortalis G720 isn’t the only component that ARM is announcing either. In addition to the mobile GPU, the company is also announcing the new Cortext-X4 CPU. The new processor is based on a new 4th generation Cortex-X core, and utilises a new big.LITTLE configurations, comprising a combination of both Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520 cores. Not only that, ARM says taht its Cortex-X4 is also the first CPU core to be taped out with TSMC’s 3nm N3E process node.

“Our latest collaboration with Arm is an excellent showcase of how we can enable our customers to reach new levels of performance and efficiency with TSMC’s most advanced process technology and the powerful Armv9 architecture. We will continue to work closely with our Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) ecosystem partners like Arm to push the envelope on CPU innovations to accelerate AI, 5G, and HPC technology advances.” Dan Kochpatcharin, Head of the Design Infrastructure Management Division, TSMC, says.

As for when we will start seeing ARM’s new Immortalis G720 GPU and Cortex-X4 CPU, MediaTek will one of the chipmaker’s first customers to launch its next-generation Dimensity flagship 5G SoC later this year, although the brand did not provide the official name of its next mobile chipset.

You can read up on the ARM TSC 2023 via the chipmaker’s official page, which we’ve provided here.

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