APPIES 2020 winner showcase: Jangan @JelesEk, Jumpa di Toppen!

For the next few weeks, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring all 27 winners of The APPIES Malaysia Marketing Campaign Awards 2020 by sharing one campaign per day. Consider this your daily dose of inspiration from Malaysia’s best marketing campaigns, judged by a jury of 28 marketing leaders who have made their mark in various industries.

GOLD Winner in Consumer & Business Services category

SILVER Winner in Digital & Social category

Campaign: Jangan @JelesEk. Jumpa di Toppen!

Brand: Toppen Shopping Centre

Ensemble Worldwide, a division of IPG Mediabrands

Jennifer Wee, Senior Art Director

Hannah Sim, Copywriter

Galen Lau, Strategic Planner 

Chong Jia Ling, Associate Brand Director

IKEA Southeast Asia

Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing & Innovation

Natasha Aziz, Marketing Manager – Shopping Centre

Nicole Tong, Marketing Manager – Toppen Shopping Centre

Siti Nurviviany Khirruddin, Assistant Marketing Manager – Toppen Shopping Centre

Presenter: Natasha Aziz, Marketing Manager, IKEA Southeast Asia.

A Johor based shopping complex, Toppen Shopping Centre, wanted to position itself as different from the sea of malls that exist in Malaysia. What better way to do that than a hyper-localised campaign that celebrates local state pride? This winning campaign was pivotal in establishing the mall’s connection with Johoreans by showing its commitment to become an integral hub of the local community. 

The campaign set out to create a series branded content from two of Johor’s superstars, Joe Flizzow and Joyce Chu who invited everyone to visit the mall for its launch in a cheeky colloquial lingo. 

One of the contributing factors to the campaign’s success was the decision to use more than  just the conventional advertising channels to invite people for the launch. By dominating YouTube’s masthead, partnering with TikTok and using platforms such as OOH, Grab and Waze, Toppen Shopping Center’s launch saw bigger success than they had anticipated. 

To truly stand out from other shopping malls, the following launch metrics were used as a goal:

• Establish Toppen’s brand perception and brand experience vs competitors, achieving overall awareness of 60% within its first year. 

• Establish brand funnel performance, driving conversions between “awareness”, “visited” and “purchased” based on the targets derived from strong performance of other centre launches:

  • Awareness = 60%
  • Visitation = 40%
  • Conversion = 70%
  • Purchase = 28%

• Drive visitation to Toppen, with ambitious footfall targets of more than 1 million visitors within just over a month of opening. 

• Build brand affinity, conversations, and engagements on social media.

Below are more specific details on the campaign and the results it achieved, based on the campaign submission we received:


We designed Toppen to serve the needs of the community, differentiating us from other formulaic malls.

This pride for Toppen resonated with an insight from our audience: Johoreans are extremely proud of where they are from. They love all things local from their homegrown heroes to their dialect of ending sentences with ek (their lah!). 

Our strategy: Create a hyper-localised campaign celebrating the state pride of Johoreans. 

Our big idea was a call-to-action uniting Johoreans: Don’t be #JelesEk (jealous) of Johor, join us. 

We ditched the conventional ad in favour of high impact branded entertainment spearheaded by two Johorean superstars. Joe Flizzow and Joyce Chu created a music video inviting everyone to Toppen, using state’s vernaculars (BM, Hokkien and Mandarin). This anthem was adopted across media touchpoints to meet the objectives our brand funnel:

1) Awareness 

The video rollout across mass media such as TV and digital (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) created top of mind. We dominated YouTube’s masthead nationwide on opening day. Impactful billboards, bus wraps, press ads, and a Grab takeover of 70 cars ensured visibility of our USPs. 

2) Footfall

To drive visitation, radio cruisers entertained shoppers. Our first-in-Malaysia TikTok mall integration, with a branded AR filter encouraged everyone to visit our TikTokable spots. On Waze, our e-voucher integrated car icon change and zero speed takeover incentivised users to redeem rewards at Toppen.

3) Purchase & Loyalty 

Our app and CRM programme rewarded purchases. KOLs and content platforms partnerships secured brand credibility with positive testimonials.


The campaign ignited a connection between Toppen and Johoreans:

• Within two months of launch, brand health scores revealed that the awareness level was at 82%! We are ahead of our targeted awareness by 3 years! This put us within the top eight most recognised shopping centres in Johor Bahru. Others on the list are longstanding players in the scene. 

• Overall brand funnel performance was strong, surpassing original targets:

  • Awareness = 82% (Index 137)
  • Visitation = 65% (Index 163)
  • Conversion = 93% (Index 133)
  • Purchase = 61% (Index 218)

• 65% of respondents based in Johor were also aware of our #JelesEk campaign. 

• Toppen was ranked the most family-friendly mall compared to other more established shopping centres in Johor. 

• Footfall of visitors within the campaign period indexed 148 against targets. 

• Total mall sales index was 339, tripling vs our ambitious targets.

• NPS scores registered at 28, which was the highest score of all shopping centres in Johor. (Source: Independent 3rd party competitive research, n=800).

• The #JelesEk music video garnered over 6,7 million views across all digital platforms. 

• Our TikTok partnership was Malaysia’s most successful branded campaign ever and one of their most successful campaigns in Southeast Asia, with a total of 37,230 submissions, 42.1 million views (and counting!) and over 2.7 million engagements (likes, shares, comments)! This is 3.3x more submissions than TikTok’s most successful campaign in Malaysia. 

• Facebook fan growth of 769% during the campaign period.

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