Adobe Firefly For Video Adds Generative AI To Video Editing

Adobe Firefly in Premier Pro

With generative AI being all the range these days, it’s no surprise to see other companies adding them to their own products. Adobe, the company behind editing tools like Premier Pro and Photoshop, previously announced its own AI art generator tool, known as Firefly. Now, the company says that it is getting upgrades to make the work of video editors easier.

As the company describes it, these Adobe Firefly upgrades will “make it easier and faster for you to transform your vision into reality”. More specifically, these additions will help video editors to change colour schemes, time of day lighting, and even seasons of already-recorded videos.

Adobe Firefly text-based video editing
Source: Adobe.

You can also generate sound effects and royalty-free music, as well as logos, graphics and text effects. Beyond these, you can also let the Adobe Fireflycreate storyboards and previsualisations, as well as recommend b-roll clips. All this can be done simply via a text prompt. And judging from the promo video that came with the blog post, it’s certainly easier to simply tell the AI to make a scene look like it was shot during the golden hour, rather than manually adjusting the colours to achieve something similar.

It’s not just tools for you to use either. Adobe says that Firefly is also capable of providing users with personalised guides, getting them to make use of these new tools to “accelerate the process from initial vision to creation and editing”.

According to the blog post, Adobe says it will ” begin introducing new generative AI features”, presumably including these Firefly features, “starting later this year”. No word on when exactly that will be, but in the meantime, anyone interested can sign up for its closed beta test. At the same time, the company says that text-based video editing will be coming to Premier Pro in May.

(Source: Adobe)

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