Acumen Finance, Australia, & ReGov’s Technologies partner to leverage outbound Sales capabilities via AI

Acumen Finance, a Sydney based, specialized Non-Bank commercial mortgage-based lender has announced its partnership with ReGov Technologies. Their goal is to supercharge their sales teams outreach capability via ReGov Technologies Artificial Intelligence. 

This is achieved by implementing the Conversational AI Chatbot – RICHA a product of ReGov Technologies Malaysia. RICHA enables Acumen to reach out to potential clients at supersonic speeds of > 30,000 connections per day.

“I have wanted a solution like this for the last couple of years,” said Managing Director of Acumen Finance, Nathan Daly. “Implementing RICHA will exponentially multiply our reach in accessing businesses requiring capital to realise their destiny and purpose in the marketplace.”

Acumen Finance already has an existing prospect database of over 70,000 customers and RICHA further elicits their interest in availing commercial loans and establish a connection with Acumen’s sales & marketing team.

“At ReGov, we are on a mission to deliver factor 10x efficiency gains to the financial services industry,” said Chief Executive Officer of ReGov Technologies, Simon Ulrich. “I am super excited about working with our partner Acumen Finance to fast-track sales cycles and make great financing solutions available to a broader audience.” 

About Acumen Finance 

Acumen is a specialized Non-Bank commercial mortgage Lender, and Aggregator with a next-generation Fintech inspired backbone and online loan facilitation platform based in Sydney, Australia. Acumen is renowned for making loans available just in time for many businesses. Acumen leverages a strong Fintech backbone for quicker & streamlined lending processes. Their clientele covers anything property related and includes property developers, Commercial businesses Industrial Manufacturers, Land developers. To know more about Acumen Finance, please visit

 About ReGov Technologies

ReGov Technologies is a fast-growing Malaysia based IT company focused on automating financial services. ReGov’s solutions are built leveraging latest Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology and highly scalable cloud platforms. It’s customers enjoy cost savings of 55 to 75 %, increased transparency, and the ability to acquire and service customers at a massive scale. To know more about ReGov Technologies, please visit or contact