Achieve Peak Work Performance With The HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation Powered By AMD

HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation

Getting the right tool for the job is generally a very useful adage to live by. But as with many things these days, there are many right answers to a problem. This is also true for workstation PCs used by professionals in a vast variety of fields.

If you’re a 3D graphics artist or modeller, VFX artist, VR content creator, video editor or data analyst looking for a new workstation, then HP may have something for you. It’s the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation, powered by AMD Radeon™ PRO W5700 Graphics.

Speedy Performance & Impressive Graphics with AMD Radeon™ PRO W5700 Graphics

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Source: HP.

The highly taxing nature of professional workloads tend to mean that, without specialised hardware, getting one rendering task to be completed could take forever. But specialised hardware is what the HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation has, allowing it to handle compute heavy projects without missing a beat.

It’s not only the CPU that’s impressive either. On graphics, you get the aforementioned AMD Radeon™ PRO W5700 graphics that will help you seamlessly design and render your biggest projects. And you don’t have to stop when one project is being worked on. The card is powerful enough to let you keep working on another project while it does its thing with the first one.

Of course, the last thing you need is to have this impressive speed bottlenecked elsewhere on the hardware setup. Fret not, as PCIe 4 support ensures that all your projects get saved to storage just as quickly as they get processed.

All The Space You Need, And More

The kind of work that needs this sort of horsepower is usually also very storage intensive, taking up a lot of space at a time. But it’s not something to worry about with the HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation.

HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation lifestyle
Source: HP.

These days, you can expect many PCs to come with 1TB of storage space. But if that is not enough for your needs, fret not. Not only can the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation support up to 28TB of storage space, it also has three hard drive bays and two M.2 SSD slots. So as your projects get bigger, you can still be sure that you can store them on your workstation before you back them up once you’re done.

And it’s not just storage either. While the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation comes with 16GB of RAM, you can push this all the way up to 128GB if you feel you need the extra bandwidth.

To top it all off, you can do all that without tools. The HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation is designed to give you tool-less access to the insides, so you can add and remove components as you need to, and upgrade with as little fuss as possible.

Work From Anywhere You Want

Considering its nature, you’d think that you’d be stuck working at home with the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation, but HP has given it the ZCentral Remote Boost. This will allow you to access all the horsepower that the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation can provide, while you work remotely with another more portable laptop, which is ideal for today’s hybrid working environment. The workstation will do all the heavy lifting at home, while you use your laptop as basically a remote input device for it wherever you are.

And you can be sure that what goes on between the tower workstation and your laptop remains secure. Data sent between the two is always encrypted, and the ZCentral Remote Boost transfers only pixels.

It’s not just the files travelling between the two machines either. With the HP Wolf Security built-in, you can be rest assured the Z2 G8 Tower Workstation has layers of protection below, in, and above the OS. Should the improbable still happen, you have in-memory breach detection and self-healing software, as well as isolation threat containment to minimise and reverse the damage.

You also don’t have to use another Windows laptop for this to work. The ZCentral Remote Boost also works with Linux, as well as macOS. And on that note, you can also choose to have the HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation itself to run either Windows 10 or Linux.

Source: HP.

It is not uncommon for professionals in the 3D modelling and data analytics space to build their workstations from scratch with individual parts from different brands. But the HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation makes it so that you don’t have to, with a system that has just about everything you need to get started with work immediately. And you can pick one that starts from RM5,428.

You can find out more about the HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation by hitting this link. And to find out more from HP Malaysia, you can follow the company via the official Facebook page.

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