‘We’ll Get Through This’ –a Video Tribute To Malaysians by Twentytwo13

Malaysians have been tested since the start of 2020 – political upheaval, and then the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the rakyat adjusts to the new norms of life and businesses restart amid a relaxation of the Movement Control Order (MCO), many remain cash-strapped while some have depression and anxiety issues.

Nevertheless, Malaysians showed their resilience throughout the MCO – imposed on March 18 – and played a huge role in keeping Covid-19 cases in check. This prompted Twentytwo13 to come up with a tribute video ‘We’ll Get Through This’ to honour Malaysians.

“Almost every Malaysian played a role – from the frontliners to those who helped sew personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who stayed at home. This is to thank Malaysians for playing their part in this global fight against Covid-19,” said Twentytwo13 managing editor Pearl Lee.

“It has not been easy for Malaysians since the start of 2020. We were already experiencing political fatigue with an upheaval resulting in a change in government. Then we had the Covid-19 pandemic which crippled businesses and our way of life.”

Pearl said that Malaysians stood strong despite the challenges and hoped they will continue to remain steadfast in rebuilding the economy and the nation.

“The war against Covid-19 is not over but the video is a reminder of our strength. We saw the dark side but we also saw the beauty of Malaysians – the hard work of the frontliners, policemen, the games we played at home and how we kept in touch online.

“The video ends with the smiles on the faces of people of all walks, a reminder that we will continue to smile and to keep our spirits high and alive.”

The video, conceptualised by the editorial team at Twentytwo13, took four days to complete.

“We hope this initiative will inspire Malaysians to stay strong and stay healthy,” Pearl said.

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Article source: Twentytwo13