Spreading happy smiles to curb the virus

It is important to have strategies in place to regularly keep in touch with the trade industry and ensure they know they are valued. 

In view of the announcement of MCO and the social distancing SOPs that followed, Astro Media Solutions (AMS) needed to uphold the practice of engaging with its clients during festive seasons. This year was no different. 

Leading up to Raya, AMS created an e-book titled “A Raya Aidilfitri Guide for Marketers” to share insights and content for marketers to continue stay close and engage the Malay families during the #dudukrumah Raya this year. This was largely tapping onto the #stayhome Raya consumer base which saw a surge of viewership on multiple platforms across the Astro ecosystem.

The e-guide received tremendous response from the trade as email open rate was doubled with high time spent on the guide at 180% above average.

With Astro’s Raya theme and tagline “Mohon Kemaafan, Kongsi Kegembiraan, Raikan Lebaran Dengan Kesyukuran. Indahkan Senyuman, Eratkan Jalinan” as a guide, the team followed up with a small token of their appreciation during the month of Syawal – specifically something for when everyone returned to work.

Understanding the need to make a bigger impact during the MCO, AMS wanted to spread even more positive vibes throughout the industry. Working together with The Asli Co, a social enterprise that rallies support for Orang Asli mothers by creating beautiful functional handcrafted soaps shaped in delectable iconic Malaysian kuihs.

This was symbolic of the need to work hand in hand with local communities to encourage good hygiene in this new normal whilst also supporting local businesses. As times are tough particularly for marginalised communities across Malaysia, this was a much needed extension of love and compassion which went beyond the gift of giving.