PM Anwar Announces Extra Public Holiday, Free Tolls, And Discount On Summons For Raya

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has made several major announcements in regard to the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri that will be taking place later this week. Among them is an additional public holiday to allow more room for the public to celebrate Aidilfitri.

Interestingly enough, the designated holiday depends on when exactly the first day of Aidilfitri will take place. If 1 Syawal fall on this Friday, 21 April, the extra holiday will take place on Monday, 24 April.

However, if the first day of Aidilfitri falls on Saturday, 22 April, then the extra public holiday will be on Friday, 21 April. The sighting of the Syawal new moon has been scheduled to take place in 29 locations throughout Malaysia on Thursday, 20 April and the announcement of the date for the first day of Aidifitri will be made by the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal on that very evening itself.

Aside from that, Anwar has also announced that the public will be able to enjoy free tolls starting from 19 to 21 April as well 24 April. The free-toll period covers all vehicle classes and will involve 33 highways throughout the country.

[source: Rico Lee / Flickr]

In addition to that, the public can also consider sorting out their PDRM traffic summons later this month by taking advantage of the massive discounts that will be offered from 21 April to 21 May. According to the Prime Minister, the discount comes in the form of an RM50 flat rate that can be used for PDRM traffic summons that was issued up until 2022.

Just to be clear, this special discount does not apply to the summons that was issued within 2023. The Prime Minister did not mention where exactly can the public take advantage of the discount but if we have to guess, PDRM’s MyBayar Saman platform is likely the place that you should pay attention to.

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