MyTOWN x Your Maker brings tears to eyes with Air Tangan Yang Dirindui

It’s unfortunate that Malaysians can’t go home for the
holidays this Raya.

To miss their loved ones so dearly and the sights and
sounds of joyous festivities must be especially painful.

In the spirit of MyTOWN Shopping Centre’s #MyMalaysiaBoleh belief, we, Your Maker, as their ever-ready-to-do-more agency, set out to help two deserving Malaysians miss kampung a little less.

Koperal Mohammad Hafiz, part of PDRM and Ashurhanna
Saleh, an Assistant Medical Officer, were going to experience a taste of home,
even though they are in town serving their nation to the best of their

With the help of someone with interstate travel permission, we managed to ‘tapau’ the frontliners’ sorely-missed Raya favourites and surprised them with it, with help from their families, of course.

We documented the result with our phones, and made Malaysians, regardless of our cultural differences, shed a tear or two. Because the desire to be with the ones we love, especially now when we really want to be there for them, is not lost on the ones who have watched, and will watch, our film.

MyTOWN KL l Raya 2020 – Air Tangan Yang Dirindui

AIR TANGAN YANG DIRINDUIA TASTE OF HOMETahun ini, kerinduan untuk beraya di kampung benar-benar terasa.Namun, untuk dua orang rakyat Malaysia yang telah banyak berjasa, rindunya pada kampung halaman bakal terubat buat seketika.This year, so much will be missed by those who can't balik kampung.For two deserving Malaysians, we made sure they would miss one less thing.#MyTOWNKL #SalamAidilfitri

Dikirim oleh MyTOWN Shopping Centre pada Jumat, 15 Mei 2020

People behind the film:


Koperal Mohammad Hafiz

Asnurhanna Salleh

Dewa Bin Abdul Wahab (Hafiz’s Father)

Rawiah Binti Ahmad (Asnurhanna’s Mother)

Your Maker:



Denise Chuang

Khalif Sultan

Zhafran Khan


Christopher Koh

Stephy Tan

Nurul Hidayati

Shaira Amira