Mindshare sets up a recovery war room for advertisers

In an effort to help Malaysian advertisers through these challenging times of declined revenue, Mindshare has turned its proprietary “The Loop” into a recovery war room. 

Part of this recovery war room is a single view of the market recovery indicators developed by Mindshare that analyses across various data points, helping advertisers understand consumers’ weekly behaviour as they respond to the Recovery MCO. These data points include socio-economic indicators; mobility at points of interest; consumption patterns; search and social sentiment and digital and viewership behavior of Malaysians.

“The entire MCO period was a roller-coaster for marketers with dozens of scenarios being planned and now with the announcement of the recovery MCO, we have observed a heightened anticipation amongst the marketers, on what this road to recovery in Malaysia will look like,” said  Managing Director of Mindshare Malaysia, Dheeraj Raina. :As the leading agency of the country, it is our responsibility and duty to be at the forefront of this thought leadership for our clients and help them navigate and track the return to new normalcy.”

The data science, strategy and client management teams at Mindshare have been passionately working on this “mega project” over the last few weeks; putting together a single view market on recovery indicators that accurately represents consumer behaviour and is easily used by advertisers. 

“Our endeavour is to create a new way of agile planning during the recovery phase so that Malaysian advertisers can make informed choices around marketing decisions,” said Dheeraj. 

Mindshare Malaysia will be doing a series of exclusive Live War room sessions for its clients on 3 July 2020, and will present the first set of findings and data through The Loop.