JPJ Officially Starts Offering 10-Year Driving Licence Renewals

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Minister of Transport Anthony Loke has announced that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will now be allowing driving licence renewals for up to 10 years, doubling the previous limit of five years. Loke first revealed the proposal back in February in Parliament, saying that his ministry was studying the feasibility of such an initiative.

Now that the JPJ is officially implementing the change, motorists can now choose to renew their licence anywhere from a one-year period all the way up to a maximum of 10 years of validity. The cost of the renewals remains at RM30 for each year added on.

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That being said, those who opt for the 10-year renewal will only need to pay RM270 with a buy 9 free one offer. This offer equates to a 10% discount if you choose the new maximum validity period. Loke added that the 10-year renewal only applies to Malaysians and not foreigners or long-term pass holders.

Additionally, the minister announced an amnesty period for those whose licences lapsed during the pandemic. This special permission will exempt those with a lapsed driving licence that expired on 1 January 2018 onwards from having to retake the driving test before renewing.

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A Malaysian driving licence is considered lapsed if it has expired and not been renewed for over a year for P licences and over three years for CDL licences. The special amnesty period will only be applicable from 8 May until 31 December 2023, so those with a lapsed licence should take advantage of this initiative to get it renewed.

Loke advised those who wish to use this initiative to go in person to a JPJ branch to renew their licence. This is because online systems and post offices have not been updated with the special permission yet, although it will be possible eventually. In related news, the transport ministry also plans on introducing a standardised theory exam for those who are taking both car and motorcycle licences at the same time.

(Source: MOT/Facebook)

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