Instagram Now Lets You Add Up To Five Links In Your Bio

instagram five external links

Instagram is finally adding the ability for users to add more than just a single external link in their bio. Announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg via his broadcast channel, the new addition is apparently “probably one of the most requested features we’ve had”.

The feature is rolling out to all users, letting you add up to five external links to your profile on top of adding a Facebook link. You can organise the order of the links and even give each of them a title.

instagram five external links

Obviously, the addition of this tool undercuts the popular Linktree pages that most people use to display all the links to their work and relevant stuff. Previously, if you had more than one link that you wanted to be available in your bio, you would have to create a Linktree page and put that URL on your profile instead.

You can add more links by going to your profile and tapping on the “Edit profile” button. From there, you can go into “links” and add up to five links individually. The only catch is that on your profile, it will only display the first link and it will require others to tap it to see the list of all your links.

instagram five external links

So far, Instagram has not added any restrictions as to what kind of links you can add to your bio. However, this probably isn’t the end of the use of Linktree on the platform as it still allows more customisation and way more than just five links, which some people or companies might have a need for.

In related news, Instagram recently rolled out a redesigned editing tool for Reels. Creators are now able to see how many times an audio has been used to figure out the latest trends. Moreover, creators are also able to view the total watch time and average watch time of their Reels to better understand viewers’ engagement.

(Source: Mark Zuckerberg)

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