Ever Wonder How to Get All Your Smart Gadgets Connected to the Internet Without Experiencing Lag?

U Mobile Ultra Hotspot 5G

If the Hotspot feature as a whole had a motto, it would most likely be “sharing is caring.” It lets us browse the internet whenever and wherever with friends or family and allows us to remain connected away from home. Some telco plans take this into account by offering unlimited data volume for our convenience, but with a catch. Most of the time, a user’s browsing experience can be interrupted as there is a limit to how fast your hotspot can be past a certain point. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve spent a fortune just for the speed. 

However, U Mobile’s new postpaid plan allows you to enjoy up to 1,000GB 5G high-speed data with no speed limit hindering whatever you do with its Ultra Hotspot 5G feature. The best part is that you can share it with your friends and family with no drawbacks.

So what can you do with all of the amazing data and speed provided by the telco’s Ultra Hotspot 5G package? Well, here are some suggestions:

1. Stream Different Videos In Different Places Via A Single Plan

U Mobile Ultra Hotspot 5G
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With the Ultra Hotspot 5G, you’ll never miss a beat in whatever show you’re enjoying. No more buffering and pauses, or even sound quality drops. All you have to do is sit back and relax. And if your friends or family want to watch something else, you don’t have to compromise! From your HDTV in your living room to your mobile device in another room, the Ultra Hotspot 5G can take on multiple devices with ease and no restrictions. 

2. Play Fast Paced Competitive Games Together

U Mobile Ultra Hotspot 5G
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When you’re on the go with your friends, playing games on individual data instead of a shared hotspot connection is perhaps the worst thing you can do to yourself and your team. This would be even worse if you’re playing a competitive game, where every second matters and you can’t afford to slow down. Not only are you subjecting yourself to unparalleled amounts of lag, you are costing others their ranks and maybe even their sanity.

However, with the uncapped speed of the Ultra Hotspot 5G, you can now rise above the challenge in your games. The uncompromising internet speeds allow you to stay on top of everything, at home or on the go.

3. Be Free From Wi-Fi Deadzones

U Mobile Ultra Hotspot 5G
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Never have to share Wi-Fi with your roommates or dispute over who is consuming more data. Don’t be stuck in a single corner of the room because of dead zones and worry about Wi-Fi connection availability wherever you move, as you carry the hotspot as you go. Thanks to the Ultra Hotspot 5G speed, you can now enjoy HD movies on your smart TV as you browse through social media on your phone with no delay. Get more done today!

4. Quickly Coordinate On Demanding Projects

U Mobile Ultra Hotspot 5G
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to send an urgent file from your laptop, but the connection is simply refusing to cooperate? To add insult to injury, just as the file was finishing its upload, your friend, the owner of the hotspot, decided to restart their device. You don’t have to experience this again, or at all, with the Ultra Hotspot. With it, you can cut all ties to what’s slowing you down so you can complete all your tasks without worrying about connectivity and security.

We’ve talked about it at great length, but what really is Ultra Hotspot 5G?

The Ultra Hotspot 5G

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With the new plan, you can enjoy up to 1,000GB of 5G high-speed data without any device restrictions, like laptops, tablets, and even smart TVs. Stream your favourite shows on Netflix and Disney+ from anywhere and at any time without slowing down; you can also easily hop between devices as there are no limits on how many can connect. The Ultra Hotspot 5G does not have any speed caps or limits, allowing you to be on top of everything you do.

What U Mobile Plans Are Offering Ultra Hotspot 5G?

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There are three variations of the U Postpaid plans: U Postpaid 38, U Postpaid 68, and U Postpaid 98. All of these are solid plans for you to choose from if you’re always in need of data. Recently, the lowest tier, the U Postpaid 38, got an upgrade that bumped the data limit from 30GB to 60GB in a month, and you can hotspot the data up to the full 60GB! However, if you want more data, then consider the latter two options mentioned earlier.

With the U Postpaid 68, you can have free 15GB of data roaming to 63 destinations every month while also being able to receive calls abroad without any hidden fees and being eligible to receive savings on mobile devices. But with the U Postpaid 98 plan, you can get all of this while bringing home the latest 5G devices with 0% instalment and a flexible payment system. And if you add on RM38, you can also share your 1,000GB of 5G high speed data with up to six people with the U FamilyShare line.

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There’s no need to worry if you’re already a subscriber; you’re automatically eligible for this Ultra Hotspot 5G upgrade, and you can simply activate your hotspot via the MyUMobile app. Regardless of your plan, whether it’s the U Postpaid 38, 68 or 98, you can still enjoy the benefits of the Ultra Hotspot 5G at no extra cost. 

Never slow down again with U Mobile’s Ultra Hotspot 5G. Enjoy data with no speed caps at your pace, anytime and anywhere. To register to get your unbeatable postpaid plan or for more information, kindly visit U Mobile’s official website

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