Apple Will Reportedly Limit Wi-Fi 6E To iPhone 15 Pro Models

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There have been multiple rumours from industry insiders and analysts this month about the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup possibly being equipped with support for Wi-Fi 6E. However, leaked internal Apple documents from leaker Unknownz21 suggest that the adoption of the newer standard might be limited to the Pro models.

The purported documents feature diagrams of the iPhone 15’s antenna architecture, with the leaker claiming that the D8x label refers to iPhone 15 Pro models while D3y is used to refer to the vanilla iPhone 15 series. In the documents, it labels the Wi-Fi 6E antennas specifically for the Pros, indicating that the standard models will be limited to Wi-Fi 6.

iphone 15 pro wi-fi 6e
Image: Unknownz21 via MacRumors

MacRumors also claims that they have seen additional documentation that shows Wi-Fi 6E being an exclusive feature for the Pro lineup, although the outfit did not elaborate any further. If proven to be true, it would be quite disappointing as the current iPhones already support Wi-Fi 6, which would make the standard iPhone 15 models a relatively unattractive upgrade for those who already own the iPhone 14.

Adding to that, while Apple’s next-gen A17 Bionic chipset is said to offer more efficiency thanks to 3nm technology, there have been reports that the new SoC might also be limited to the Pro models, with the standard iPhone 15 lineup possibly using last year’s chips. The tech giant’s main chip partner, TSMC, announced last month that it had already started mass producing 3nm chips in Taiwan.

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Image: Apple

There have also been other rumours regarding the 2023 iPhone lineup, including a titanium frame, taptic buttons, and more RAM. There will reportedly be four devices offered by Apple this year: a 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, as well as the 6.7-inch 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max — the Pro Max branding could possible be changed to Ultra.

Consumers globally can also look forward to Apple potentially swapping out the Lightning port to a USB-C port on the iPhone for the first time thanks to a new EU law. In other news, Apple’s plan to replace Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chips with its own in-house chips has reportedly been put on hold.

(Source: MacRumors)

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