APPIES 2020 winner showcase: Koleksi Mistik Dengan Petron Malaysia

For the next few weeks, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring all 27 winners of The APPIES Malaysia Marketing Campaign Awards 2020 by sharing one campaign per day. Consider this your daily dose of inspiration from Malaysia’s best marketing campaigns, judged by a jury of 28 marketing leaders who have made their mark in various industries.

GOLD Winner in Consumer Durables category

Campaign: Koleksi Mistik Dengan Petron Malaysia

Brand: Petron 

Category: Consumer Durables

Astana International Sdn. Bhd.

Danial Asyraf Bin Shafri, Head of Strategy and Insights

Daniel Khoo Lei Pheng, Creative Director

Peter Michelle Lee, Copywriter

Petron Malaysia

Haron Alrasyid Nawi, Brand Advisor

Danny Chen, Marketing Manager

Presenter: Haron Alrasyid Nawi, Brand Advisor, Petron Malaysia

Inspired by an urban legend, Petron’s ‘Koleksi Mistik’ campaign was designed to reflect a consumer’s journey starting from awareness of the product through the Yellow Cat TVC targeted to the Malay audience.

Petron Malaysia’s microsite hosted a collection of urban legends as a series to educate its consumers on the different Petron USPs and products. Once a consumer completes all the urban legends within the Koleksi Mistik series, they will be rewarded 500 Petron Miles equivalent to RM 5 worth of fuel.

Petron Malaysia’s microsite for the Koleksi Mistik campaign features a series of urban legends for consumers to complete in order to be rewarded 500 Petron Miles equivalent to RM 5 worth of fuel.

Below are more specific details on the campaign and the results it achieved, based on the campaign submission we received:


What we learnt was that the Malay audience, value brands that truly empathise with them — either in the offerings they give the audience or how the brands communicate. In addition to that, when it comes to interests, the Malay audience loves the horror genre, so much so we see Malay horror films being the top-grossing films.

Of course, the twist of comedy and drama like Hantu Kak Limah makes it even more appealing. In addition to that, we learnt that when it came to cars, the Malay audience is passionate about old and vintage cars as for some, it is part of the family. Hence why we see many of these owners willing to invest to maintain and upgrade the value of their cars.

Therefore with all these insights in mind, we created our Koleksi Mistik: Yellow Car campaign which was inspired by the urban legend, the Yellow Volkwagen of Karak Highway. The campaign starts off with the Yellow Car TVC released on TV and Social Media to raise awareness. To increase consideration and drive conversion, we created a microsite which shares more urban legends as part of the Koleksi Mistik collection in the form of interactive stories.

Each of these stories allows customers to collect points based on their decisions made in each interactive story. Upon completing the whole series of stories, customers are rewarded with 500 Petron Miles points out that they can redeem RM 5.00 worth of fuel.


This campaign not only helped us raise product brand awareness but also increased consideration and drove conversion and trials by offering rewards to customers, illustrated in our results. In regards to our TVC, we were able to get 1.8 Million views on Youtube within a week.

For the first 6 weeks, our video on Youtube recorded a view-through-rate of 34.2% beyond Youtube’s benchmark of 20-25%. On all platforms, we garnered 3.2 million views for the first 6 weeks, which was 6 times our target. Within a month, our microsite had 80,154 visits which were 3 times our target. From that, we had 19.8% sign up to the microsite which was above the usual benchmark for online website conversion of about 5-7%.

Furthermore, as registered visitors could win actual points, this contributed to the growth of 0.8% of new loyalty members to the Petron Miles loyalty programme. Ultimately, this campaign was vital in helping us regain our total market share in Q4 2019 by +0.1%. Thus, achieving our business objective for the end of 2019.

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