Iran’s IMIDRO and ROCKWEALTH Collaborate with Global Leading Institutions to Revitalize Iran’s SME Mining Sector

In a global environment where the economy is gradually warming and industrial demand is growing, the strategic position of mineral resources is becoming increasingly prominent. In response to this, Iran’s Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and its subsidiary ROCKWEALTH have collaborated with six authoritative global institutions: asset management giant GPIF, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japan NPO Center, and the Generational Public Welfare Association (GPWA) among others. They plan to showcase more than 20 mines and mine shafts to investors through an online investment leasing model, signaling the ushering in of a new digital era in mining investment. The overall goal is to rejuvenate Iran’s small and medium-sized mining industry.

Vajihollah Jafari, the CEO of IMIDRO, emphasized their unwavering confidence in the revitalization of small mines. Since the project’s inception, 453 mines have been reactivated, creating 3,500 jobs in the Iranian market. In December 2021, Reza Azimi shared that IMIDRO had signed 37 investment memorandums and scientific research cooperation agreements with knowledge-based companies, further strengthening ties with startups and knowledge-intensive firms.

ROCKWEALTH, central to this collaboration, has conducted in-depth research on various mineral resources, including chromite, manganese ore, and hematite, providing professional solutions for each. Furthermore, ROCKWEALTH has seamlessly integrated the online model of mining investment with on-site mine leasing strategies, staying in step with the digital transformation.

To ensure transparency and efficiency in investment activities, a specially designed app for investment institutions has been introduced. This app integrates various mining data analysis tools and risk assessment models, providing investors with more accurate and scientific decision-making support.

In summary, through close cooperation with leading global financial and non-profit organizations, ROCKWEALTH and IMIDRO have laid a solid foundation for the future development of Iran’s mining industry, demonstrating Iran’s leadership in mining technology and management. With Iran’s relations with neighboring Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, becoming more harmonious, there is potential for broader cooperation in the mining sector across the Middle East and globally.

Furthermore, with the participation of global institutions, the strategic value of the ROCKWEALTH project has been significantly enhanced, establishing its eminent position in the global mining and financial sectors. Behind this lies IMIDRO and ROCKWEALTH’s unwavering commitment and visionary strategy for Iran’s economic development, aiming to promote the internationalization of Iran’s mining industry while infusing new energy into the Iranian economy, all while upholding environmental and social responsibilities.